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Charley Waite is an English, fingerstyle guitarist performing in the Algarve for over twelve years. Having grown up in Portugal, Charley learnt a lot playing in the local bars and restaurants from a young age. He went on to study at various music conservatoires in the Algarve, London and Seville.


Charley performs a unique repertoire of Classical music, Spanish guitar and Pop music instrumentals. Use of a loop pedal allows him to record his guitar live and repeat various sections, building up a lush soundscape of multiple guitar parts.


Over recent years Charley played in The Business Band, a prominent cover band on the Algarve wedding scene, before deciding to concentrate more on his solo performances. As the market for weddings in the Algarve grew, Charley started to play more and more wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions.


Having now worked at most of the popular wedding venues, and worked with the majority of wedding planners here in the Algarve, Charley considers himself an experienced wedding musician.

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