Guitar & Violin Duo

A pair of captivating musicians performing elegant acoustic re-imaginings of your favourite songs, with a repertoire spanning four decades of pop music. 


No Strings Attached, guitar and violin duo are one of the Algarve's most respected, sought-after acoustic covers acts, and it's easy to see why. They're guaranteed to be the unforgettable centerpiece to your wedding day. 

Based in the Algarve and Lisbon, No Strings Attached is made up of two remarkable young professionals operating at the very heart of the Algarve wedding industry.


Coming together here, they offer up an exquisite array of acoustic-driven pop music performed with unbridled passion, and tied together by their majestic, effortless delivery. Their soulful, subtle performance can be tailored to perfectly fit the exact needs of your event, whether it's playing you down the aisle to your favourite song or providing the perfect mood music for your wedding day.  

No Strings Attached are sure to be a simply dazzling addition to your wedding or corporate function, enchanting your guests and leaving them talking of little else afterwards. 

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